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Portable medical oxygen online shopping? This compact and lightweight Precision Medical EasyPulse Portable Oxygen Concentrator is specifically designed for ambulatory patients and can easily be taken with the patient where they need to go. Its long battery life can provide the user with the proper amount of oxygen when needed and has an on demand/pulse delivery system that provides 1-5 L per minute of supplemental oxygen. With reviews like “I just received this portable concentrator so I have not had much experience using it. I did put it to use for about an hour while I was sitting in my family room and found it to be rather quiet and good operationally. I sure hope it continues to hold up to this quality the more I get to use it.” it’s no wonder it is a fan favorite.

The OxLife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator System is designed to make oxygen easily accessible and portable no matter where you want to go, boasting a compact size and integrated travel cart for easy transport. The long-lasting battery and quick charging time make it easy to pick up and go without feeling limited, making sure you spend less time charging and more time out living your life. The Oxlife Independence features an integrated travel cart with a convenient travel arm that flips up and locks down with just the touch of a button. This concentrator is approved for travel on airplanes and cruise ships, giving you the freedom to explore, travel, and live your life wherever you want to without feeling limited by your concentrator.

Which Home Oxygen Concentrator Is Right for You? Buying a stationary or home oxygen concentrator (HOC) is as important a decision as buying a television or a car, only more intimate. Like a car, the customer needs to find the concentrator that best fits their needs, as these products come in various sizes with various capabilities. Whether the user needs a concentrator that is easy to store, energy efficient, lightweight, or even for use at high altitudes, an HOC exists that can be customized to any situation. Oxygen Tanks can be volatile, and they need to be refilled. A portable oxygen concentrator (POC) is great for mobility, but because they are created for convenience, their smaller, lighter design lacks the power and output capabilities that stationary HOCs can provide. Read more info on Oxygen Concentrator.

Home oxygen concentrators are stationary devices that supply the patient with oxygen therapy by delivering it through a nasal cannula. The oxygen does not need to be refilled because concentrators take in the surrounding air, filter out the nitrogen, and deliver oxygen directly to you. These devices are set to deliver a continuous flow of oxygen and are designed to be used 24/7, even as you sleep. This ensures that patients get enough oxygen to breathe easier as the day goes on so they can wake up feeling refreshed and less fatigued.

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