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The product is a medical device used with the aim of facilitating regeneration and reconstructing functions of peripheral nerves severed or lost due to external injury. The device is a tube made of polyglycolic acid filled with sponge-shaped collagen, which enables the creation of an environment to induce nerve growth and reconstruct the severed section. The sponge-like structure of collagen has been confirmed as effective in multiplying nerve cells. The nerve conduit products made of synthesized materials that are available on the overseas market have reportedly caused some instances of triggering inflammatory reactions when the materials have decomposed inside the body*4. However, such events were not found with Nerbridge TM in a systematic literature search Toyobo has been making for the past several years in Japan. Using Nerbridge TM makes it unnecessary to harvest healthy peripheral nerves for autografting, reducing the patient’s burden and shortening the time needed for surgical treatment.

One of the research partners presenting at the conference is Chameleon Biosciences, a gene therapy company with a novel technology called EVADER™ that makes re-dosing possible. We’re really excited by them and what this technology is potentially capable of doing, Dr. Michael Kelly, chief scientific officer of CureDuchenne, told BioSpace. The potential to re-dose is a key aspect of what Chameleon’s really focused on. Code Biotherapeutics will also be presenting at FUTURES. The Hatfield, Pennsylvania-based biotech is developing a chemogenetic platform designed to modulate neuronal activity. This is another really exciting technology that’s very novel and groundbreaking. If it’s successful, it has an opportunity to address a lot of potential limitations and weaknesses, Kelly said.

Read the latest stories from research and development regarding COVID-19 and SARS COV 2 to a range of other human and life sciences. Researchers are working daily to make advancements in cell technology, virus and immune response and so much more. Understanding the role of protein in cells could help extend human life for many million members of the human population. 2seventy bio will receive approximately $170 million from the sale of its common stock to institutional and accredited investors, before commissions and expenses. The shares are being sold at a price of $12.20 per share. This is based on the closing price of 2seventy bio’s common stock on Nasdaq on March 15, 2022. See extra details on https://biotechhealthx.com/.

Physical disability can be very traumatic for a human being. Irrespective of the cause of the disability, it has a deep psychological effect on people’s minds. Since long there have been attempts to recreate the lost limbs or legs. There are two types of passive prosthetics – static and adjustable. In recent years, adjustable passive prosthetics have gained huge popularity among people due to its superior adjustment abilities. Several recognized organizations such as the International Committee of the Red Cross are now actively participating in the production of such passive prosthetics. They are also working in spreading the awareness about the benefits of using these passive prosthetics in developing countries such as Nepal, India, China, and New Zealand among others.