Ear health recommendations

The two-headed ear chops are specially made for the difficult anatomy of the ears, removing the wax without pushing it into the ear canal. They have double cleaning action. First use the spoon-shaped end, which removes excess wax to the outside of the channel, then use the wool-wrapped end to clean the area. Slowly insert the cup-shaped end into the external auditory canal, as you turn the chisel, carefully removing any trace of wax.

Currently Emma’s microsuction ear wax removal clinic’s are at Fairfield Park Health Centre, 47 Tyning Ln, Bath, BA1 6EA. Emma does clinics on a Friday, and sometimes other days in the week, please call to check when there is availability. Microsuction is safer, cleaner and requires less preparation than syringing. It is far safer than syringing because no water is being forced into the ear. The clinician uses high magnification to see the minute detail of your ear and clear it. Read more details on Ear wax removal in Bath UK.

Why your ears eat: This is usually a sign of eczema or psoriasis. Your doctor should prescribe an ointment that will make you feel better. How to treat an ear infection: There are two types of infections and both need the attention of a doctor. Infections of the outer ear most often occur after exposure to dirty water. It swells and hurts, being blocked by pus. It is treated by suction of pus and antibiotic.

Doctors recommend that baby’s ears should only be cleaned with a damp towel, only on the outer ear (the ear flag and behind it). Never insert hygienic sticks, finger or other cleaning products into your baby’s ear canal. Even the easiest contact could hurt the baby’s eardrum. Also, you must take care that the water does not enter the baby’s ear during the baby, which can lead to infections. Source: https://www.bathearcare.co.uk/.