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High quality CBD lube online store today? For our suppositories, it may seem self-explanatory; we do recommend reading the instructions provided in the package. The spray works for all genders and pronouns. This spray was initially designed to be used by women, but numerous participants from our trials also mentioned that their male partner noticed increased sensation and were able to last longer. All of our products including our spray and suppositories have been designed by a team that consists of research scientists and medical doctors to ensure product safety and efficacy. Our products are non-GMO and grown to organic standards. No additives, heavy metals, pesticides, or residual toxins.

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Tincture: An authentic tincture is made from an alcohol extraction. In the CBD space, a tincture is simply a synonym for oil. Concentrate: The term for a CBD extract before it’s mixed with a carrier oil. Concentration: The amount of CBD within a bottle of CBD oil or inside a CBD gummy or vape. Extraction: A multi-step process whereby CBD and other cannabinoids and terpenes are removed from the hemp plant. Tetrahydrocannabinol: The scientific term for THC. The federal government differentiates hemp and cannabis by the THC levels. If the plant has .3% THC, it is hemp; any more and the plant is cannabis. THC is a psychotropic or psychoactive cannabinoid and is a controlled substance.

Our digestive systems love fibre. It helps to guard against constipation, it appears to help nourish and balance the healthy bacteria in our gut, and it is associated with a decreased risk of certain digestive disease and cancers. Unprocessed (or “whole”) hemp seeds are a super source of fibre, featuring both insoluble and soluble fibres. Insoluble fibres are associated with a gentle “bulk” laxative action and this means that those who suffer from constipation (either acute or chronic) may benefit from consuming the whole seeds with plenty of water to encourage the seeds to swell up and help get the bowels moving. Soluble fibres are thought to benefit the good bacteria in our gut, which is particularly useful when these may be knocked off balance (for example, following antibiotic use or if the diet has been poor). In the presence of water, soluble fibre forms a nutrient-rich gel which soothes the gut and has been implicated in helping to balance blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

This is an interesting time for the discovery of the many benefits of this misunderstood plant. It is also important to note that significant research has already been done on the safety of various cannabinoids, including CBD. Thus far, the safety/toxicity profile for CBD appears to be more in line with everyday foods and vitamins rather than being accompanied by the daunting side effects of many conventional drugs. There are many ways to enjoy CBD that don’t involve smoking. While you can smoke and vape different CBD products, you can also take it orally as an ingredient in cooking, or as a capsule. There are topical options such as lotions, salves and bath bombs. There are many ways to incorporate CBD into your daily life, and if it sounds like it might be right for you, you can experiment with little to no risk to see which option is the best for you.