Excellent dental implant courses

Top dental implant training UK? The LCOI college provides a uniquely structured training course, run over 12 months and provides 70 hours of enhanced verifiable CPD hours. Our dental implant training course consists of 10 assessed theoretical and practical modules taking place on Saturdays from 12th March 2022 to 3rd December 2022. Read more details on See even more details on best dental implant training.

Can I bring my patient to the training centre? The training centre will provide you with patients but in addition to that, you can also bring your own patients to the training centre as long as the treatment is provided under supervision. This should be arranged with your clinical supervisor. Will I see the same patient from the start to the completion of treatment to see the result of my treatment? Yes, the clinical supervisors will do their best to give you the opportunity to see your patients from planning to fit stage. Under exceptional and very rare circumstances if the patient is not happy to continue with you, the patient may be transferred to another candidate.

To help ensure this course is regarded as one of the best implant training courses in the UK we have selected: Some of the most skilled and experienced specialists in the UK with many years of experience in the field of implant dentistry Well known national and international speakers who will provide you with evidence based high quality lectures. The programme offers opportunity to treat patients under direct supervision, provides one year free access to DTX planning software, free mentoring, free implants to be used on your patients, free disposables including surgical gowns to be used for your patients, no lab fees.

If you are looking for a UK dental implant course with live patients then our comprehensive Oral Implantology course can help. Each delegate will treat minimum 2 patients provided by a accredited training centre under direct supervision by a highly skilled Nobel Biocare mentor. You will follow your patients from the start to the fit stage to maximise the learning. In addition to the patients provided by the centre, you can also bring your own patients to the centre by mutual agreement for treatment under direct supervision or the mentor can travel to your practice to supervise you when treating your own patients free of charge. Discover even more information on https://lcoi.org.uk/.